Dare to make a difference.

Join us in helping to keep our parks clean and safe. We hold regular park clean ups, resuming in the spring of 2017. A great way for students to start accumulating their community hours.

We help seniors in the community with the little things they cannot do due to age or financial situation. Do you have a special skill that will be beneficial to our seniours in the community?

Are you an athlete, educator, musician, artist or maybe you just love one of those things. Why not volunteer with us to engage our youth in the community for a basketball game, or an art exhibit?

Do you have items you would like to donate, clothes, food? Perhaps you don't have the time, but would like to donate a small monetary amount and would like to help us with our programs.

Upcoming Actions

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I Can Be Warm Campaign

Thank you to all who donated to our I Can Be Warm campaign.


As a senior in the community sometimes I don't see too well. Thank you for coming to my house and helping me with my television set. You're doing a great thing.

Manning McE. -Mechanic Brampton

This is a great work you're doing getting the youth involved in the community.

Bikram S. Mechanical Engineer Brampton
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